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iD - proton one 10inch 

iD is Ashley Davies (Headbutt, Detonator, Project Dark, Chemical Plant, Spectreman) Proton One is the chronological debut by iD, though a couple of other releases have overtaken it. It is a series of recordings gathered from over a few years and features guest appearances by Kirsten Reynolds (Project Dark, Headbutt, Bow Gamelan) and Holly Golightly (Thee Headcoatees). The music is a collection brittle ambient noises laced with dense drones and the crackle and pop of ominous foreboding. As with other iD material, chance, accident and luck have shaped the final product produced from tone generators, crude loops and assorted electrical appliances. No conventional instrumentation was used in the recording process..unless you count a domestic record player as conventional. The first 25 purchasers of this release will receive a free copy of the iD "iDEA POISON" CD-R, (the 3rd chronological iD product, "2000 and one" square 8" ep being the 2nd - both on the Sideshow Series label).
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