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TRASHFILM ROADSHOWS - Off the Beaten Track with Subversive Movies, by Johannes Schönherr, 176pp, Critical Vision 

`Exciting! In this book are drawn the very frontiers of outlaw cinema. For Johannes Schönherr, no place has proven too distant nor too strange that he cannot screen or hunt down obscure underground trash movies. From the bowels of New York's Lower East Side, ruins in Detroit and punk clubs in San Francisco, to Moscow on a fake visa and Pyongyang, North Korea, Schönherr is a cinéaste on a mission. Daring! Trashfilm Roadshows tells of the trials and tribulations met by Schönherr on the road, including intrepid first-hand accounts of A Richard Kern show brought to a (perfect) halt by violent leftists Schönherr's strange invitation to Russia for the screening of anti-Communist propaganda. A trip across America in a dodgy vehicle loaded with reels of film. Wild cinematic discoveries at New York's cheapest film-to-video transfer shop. Running a no-budget rathouse of a cinema. Nick Zedd being attacked by feminists in Nuremberg, Germany. Revealing! Trashfilm Roadshows also contains: The author's eyewitness account of GG Allin's last gig. Advice on disposing of a stash of Heroin unearthed while renovating a movie theatre. And of being branded an 'imperialist spy' in North Korea.´
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