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PSYCHOTROPEDIA - A Guide to Publications on the Periphery, by Russ Kick, 578pp, Critical Vision 

PSYCHOTROPEDIA is the follow-up to Russ Kick's acclaimed book Outposts. A massive survery of publications that exist outside the mainstream, it provides detailed reviews and ordering information for over 1100 books, zines, catalogues, and other media. Learn about the skills no one wants you to have: beating lie detectors, hacking cellular phones, growing magic mushrooms, and giving yourself oral sex. Get the inside stories on the Oklahoma City Bombing, SM, sex work, cockfights, the Men in Black, breast implants, body modification, marijuana, Mother Teresa, Heaven's Gate, offshore money havens, suicide, free energy, juror nullification, bestiality, enemas, secrets of famous magicians, and suppressed treatments for cancer and AIDS. Discover the work of taboo-shattering artists and writers, including Andres Serrano, Richard Kern, Annie Sprinkle, David Hamilton, Joel-Peter Witkin, Negativland, Diamanda Galas, Hakim Bey, Mike Diana, David Britton, and Elissa Wald. Unearth the scary facts about vaccines and fluoride, and learn what it's like to be a real-life vampire.
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