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PSYCHEDELIC DECADENCE - Sex, Drugs & Low-Art in Sixties & Seventies Britain by Martin Jones 

`British Culture Skewered! PSYCHEDELIC DECADENCE cruises through popular British culture of the 1960s and 70s by way of a collection of eclectic, illustrated essays. With an emphasis on the 'throwaway' world of sex, drugs, movies, comics and rock'n'roll, Glam and Gutter are explored in detail, courtesy of an occasional surprising diversion From clichéd hippies to nonconformists, through trend-crushing youth movements to pop stars in bad horror movies and prog rock, nothing is safe from the crushed velveteen grasp of PSYCHEDELIC DECADENCE. Topics under discussion include Michael Reeves' cult movie The Sorcerers and the benefits of dying young - An epic trip through the Robin Askwith 'Confessions' universe - David Bowie's scary songs - The British Biker on screen and in cheap paperback novels - Ingrid Pitt's breasts - Dracula A.D.1972 and Performance battle it out in a London that just won't stop swinging - Childhood memories of 2000AD - Porn mags as lifestyle bibles - Susan George, Peter Cook, JG Ballard - Fawlty Towers - Groovy pin-ups and more!
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