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INTENSE DEVICE - Journey through Lust, Murder & the Fires of Hell by Simon Whitechapel 188pp 

A collection of essays and articles - all of which are published here for the first time - INTENSE DEVICE plunges the reader into a real-life Divine Comedy, where sexual excess, murder, absurdity and chaos hang heavy beneath human folly and despair. Whitechapel unearths solid gold nuggets in sub-ject matter that is at once fascinating and refreshingly perverse. Contains include: A GIRL'S SECOND BEST FRIEND - Dildos and dildophiles from Ancient Greece to the present, LORD OF THE RING-PIECE - A sticky-fingered appreciation of the Marquis de Sade, IT'S HUMAN FINGERS! - Jack Chick's Crusaders and the Christian Comic phenomenon, WHAT IS TRUTH? - Anti Darwinism and denial of the Holocaust, RUGGER BUGGER - Psycho-sexual secrets in the greatest sport on earth!
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