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HEADPRESS # 23 - funhouse, 192pp 

`The Funhouse edition of the world's greatest journal of sex, religion and death. Incisive and cutting-edge essays from the world of underground film, strange behaviour and deviant desires. Contents include: Special Extended Feature: A visit with the reclusive director of seventies seminal obscure horror movie Last House on Dead End Street, featuring exclusive conversations with several of the other folk involved with the film, a look at Watkins' post-Last House career in the porn industry, reviews, and much more. The making of Blow Me, a film about the sexcapades of a rubber doll. Controversy surrounding Italian novelist, Paolo Di Orazio, whose horror stories about homicidal children - aimed at children - raised questions in Parliament. An interview with novelist Tom Robbins, whose Another Roadside Attraction is reputed to be the book Elvis was reading when he died.
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