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HEADPRESS # 19 - World without End! 160pp 

THE WORLD OF El Monje Loco! - Uruguay's Mad Monk! Joel M Reed! - an extensive interview with the man behind the notorious `Bloodsucking Freaks´, one of the most tasteless films ever made. Traci Lords vs Bettie Page! EVANGELICAL MIND CONTROL & THE ABUSE OF ALTERED STATES! - the truth about èvangelical revival meetings´ where people shake, babble incoherently, scream and collapse spectaculary. FEMALE MASTURBATION FANTASY! - hands going into pants and objects rubbed between legs in `Walerian Borowczyk's´ film `La Bete´. SERIAL KILLING DOWN UNDER! - Australian society is not overly conducive to serial killing, but here's the unknown history of those who have broken the mould. Adam Ant! - sex and perversion for teenyboppers. Adam's music has covered more atypical sexual behaviours than any other recording artist. RUBBER DOLLS! - readers write in with their personal experiences. And plenty more!
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