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HEADPRESS # 18 - The Agony & the Ecstasy! 144pp 

The Journal of Sex, Religion, Death! THE MONOCHROME SEX Bad movies and the appeal of sexy B&W casting. SCREW Thirty years of out-spoken Al Goldstein, and behind-the-scenes at SCREW's anniversary bash. Is the last battle looming for the world's first fighting sex paper? BEYOND THE EDGE PUBLISHING CO. Antonio Ghura created TRULY AMAZING LOVE STORIES and RAW PURPLE. We track down the wild man of the British underground comix scene for his first ever interview! Trials, girls, drug busts, the Runaways, and Ghura's `obscene´ Yorkshire Ripper strip! Plus never-before-published art! ATTACK OF THE TOKYO SLUTS The latest in gonzo cinema. DISTURBINGLY DARK An interview with Poppy Z Brite. IN-A-GADDA-DA-VIDA Led Zeppelin vs. the MC5 and Iron Butterfly! PLUS! Blow-Up Dolls! Public Informations Films! Punk & Pornography! Larry Flynt for President! Underground Film culture! And lots, lots more!
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