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HEADPRESS # 17 - Into the Psyche! 100pp 

The Journal of Sex, Relegion, Death! THE GROTESQUE BURLESQUE: An evening spent in the company of the Dragon Ladies, and their sexy, surreal revue. HARDCORE CRUMB: A revealing, in-depth interview with Maxon Crumb, brother of Underground artist Robert. Art, family and his trouble with women. FIVE PERFECT HEADS: An analysis of the `five most defining faces of the Twentieth Century´, which includes in its number the Mona Lisa (a woman who has no eyebrows) and the facial structure on the Cydonia region of Mars. SCENES FROM A MARRIAGE: The lowdown on Pam & Tommy Lee: Hardcore & Uncensored. LOUIS THEROUX AND HIS WEIRD WEEKENDS: An interview with the man who sang George Michael's Faith for The Children of God.DENNIS COOPER DOES DRUGS: Stewart Home interviews Dennis (Frisk) Cooper whilst on a Jack the Rippper murder tour.

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