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HEADPRESS # 15 - War in Heaven! 96pp 

The Journal of Sex, Relegion, Death! GUTS 'N' ROSES: The coming apocalypse of the Ripper Millennium! IT'S A (SEX) MAD MAD MAD WORLD: Sexual madness in the world! SOME THOUGHTS ABOUT ACCIDENTS: Bumps in Greece! A FUNNY THING HAPPENED TO ME ON MY WAY BACK FROM THE CEMETERY: Bodies in Peru! HAVE YOU EVER THOUGHT ABOUT THE WORD ABBA...? Agnetha Fälskog is pregnant! SEX, VIOLENCE AND MODELS: Gerry Anderson's U.F.O.! GET IT ON, BANG A CHONG... An interview with Annabel Chong, and was she paid for that first Gang Bang? A RETURN TO ANIMAL FARM: Readersrespond to last issue's bestial film investigation! THE BEST LI'L WHITETRASH FREAK-SHOW IN CHCAGO! Jerry Springer rescues Television! CAK-WATCH! What's good for the Goose!
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